Hydrophones, Preamplifiers, and Our Experience

We share information about hydrophones, preamplifiers, and the necessary accessories for achieving high-quality recordings, along with our expertise and recommendations. Join us to access intriguing and valuable insights, and stay informed about our latest updates.
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Collage our stories - how we developing low cost hydrophones

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The complete guide to playing on wine glasses, making a glass harp and recording your sounds with a hydrophone. What...

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The exact steps you need to take in order to record underwater sounds using a hydrophone by yourself! Introduction Our...

Calibrated vs Uncalibrated Hydrophone

Calibrated vs Uncalibrated Hydrophone Understanding the Importance of Calibration In the realm of underwater acoustics, the choice between a calibrated...

What is a Hydrophone Used for

What is a Hydrophone Used for Affordable low cost hydrophone: Your Gateway to the Underwater Symphony Welcome to the mesmerizing...
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