Low Cost Hydrophones


A Hydrophone is an underwater microphone. Sound waves are recorded differently underwater to ensure pleasant listening, that’s exactly why hydrophones are made – listening in an underwater environment.

Natako Audio’s low-cost hydrophones are designed especially to be durable and to provide a high-quality listening experience.

High-quality cheap hydrophones.

Low-Cost Hydrophones

We are planning to develop more devices but as of now, those are the 2 main underwater microphones:

  1. AquaHear 1 Hydrophone – Our base model. perfect for casual enthusiasts, a low-cost hydrophone that is durable, and records high-quality sound.
    This hydrophone is mainly used by causals, it’s perfect if you want to listen to some fish, record the meditative sounds of water flow, or just enjoy listening to sparkling water sounds.
  2. AquaHear 2 Hydrophone – a microphone for an omnidirectional setup. A cheap hydrophone that supports omnidirectional sounds and lets you hear and experience the water environment to its full extent. It records high-quality audio and is designed for durability and ease of use.
    This hydrophone can be used to detect pool leaks and listen to nearby fish or even some small water mammals.

Comparison chart

Hydrophone Type Size Cable length Frequency range price
AquaHear 1 Direction-oriented Small 5 m 20Hz – 20kHz 59.90$
AquaHear 2 Omnidirectional Small 5 m 20Hz – 90kHz 79.90$
AquaHear 1.5 Direction-oriented Small 5 m 20Hz – 20kHz 119.90$

Main Advantages

  • Honestly priced – low-cost hydrophones
  • Quality – High recording sound quality
  • Long lasting – designed to be durable and reliable
  • Dedicated support team – personal support for every problem or question

Best applications

Generally, our hydrophones are designed with the user experience and ease of use in mind. That ensures that most of the common hydrophone uses are possible.

With our low-cost hydrophones you can listen to fish, detect pool leaks, and record any water sounds you like.


If you have any questions, you want a more optimized product just for you, or even just want to hear some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We would like to hear everything you have to say, you can contact us via this contact form or send a message to our email: sale@natakoaudio.com

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