Natako Audio’s Policy

This is the official policy of Natako Audio.

Our website address is https://natakoaudio.com.


All sales are considered final unless explicitly authorized in advance. Hydrophones are frequently required for short-term applications, and after use, they often accumulate salt and minerals. Improper care of cables can result in them becoming twisted and tangled. Given the specific nature of their usage, hydrophones that have been even slightly used cannot be resold as new. Consequently, we strictly adhere to this policy. In the event that you discover a purchased product is not suitable for your needs, we will make reasonable efforts to facilitate exchanges or modifications whenever possible. Defective items claimed under warranty will either be repaired and returned to the customer or replaced at our discretion.

Shipping costs are non-refundable, except in cases where they arise due to our error, a warranty claim, or if they are credited by the delivery courier. This policy is applicable to any return, whether return rights were authorized by us or if the product was returned by the courier due to being refused, unclaimed, or undeliverable. Only the product value of items returned in a condition considered as new will be eligible for a refund to the customer.


Full payment is required in advance of shipment for all orders unless credit terms have been pre-authorized by us. Payment terms are considered on an individual basis, typically limited to large institutions and well-established customers with delivery addresses in Israel and the United States.

Payment can be executed through PayPal and major credit cards. We retain the right to restrict the total value of credit card payments or cancel any payments that we consider suspicious.

Prepayment is required for all international shipments, with only a few exceptions made for well-established customers.

For OEMs, professional audio equipment dealers, and technical consultants, additional charges are applicable to all non-retail sales according to the following terms. Orders not paid in advance of shipment will incur a 2.5% surcharge for credit card or PayPal payments. A 1% late fee will be applied for each calendar month, starting 60 days after the invoice date.

Privacy Policy

Natako Audio will only gather customer information essential for communication, billing, and shipping purposes. Your data is not disclosed to any third party, except when directly required for processing your order—restricted to our payment processor and shipping companies. We prioritize your privacy, ensuring that access to your data is granted on a need-to-know basis solely for store operations, and it remains accessible only to Natako Audio staff.

Credit card details are securely transmitted to our payment processor and are promptly removed from our systems after authorization, ensuring our staff has no access to this sensitive information. We refrain from storing any payment details unless explicitly requested by the customer.

In the event that a user opts to share recordings or other media with us, we always seek consent before sharing such content with others. Any personal or organizational information included in the credits of a media page listing must be approved by the provider and becomes publicly available. We make no claims to ownership of user-submitted content. Individuals submitting media have the right to request the deletion or modification of those files in our system at any time. Consent for sharing your media is considered unrestricted unless specified otherwise or revoked by the provider.

Should you wish to have your personal data deleted from our database or request a copy of all the personal data linked to your Natakoaudio.com account, kindly send an email to “sales@natakoaudio.com.” Please note that transaction records, including invoice details, will persist in offline bookkeeping records unless specifically instructed to delete them. In the event of any perceived misuse of your personal data, you retain the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Shipping Notes

For international deliveries, we utilize the services of Eco Post Israel. Our choice is driven by their assurance of package tracking and reliable delivery to the intended recipient. Eco Post Israel extends delivery services to 29 countries, including Ireland, USA, Norway, Finland, Canada, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Greece, Japan, Spain, Poland, France, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.

Prioritizing the safety of your parcels and your time, we exclusively ship to countries where Eco Post services are available. Our shipping pricing is structured to cover eco post rates, with no intention of generating revenue from shipping. The delivery charges are automatically calculated on the website based on your country and the parcel’s weight when placing an order. To ensure efficient processing, individual parcels should not exceed 2 kg, and orders surpassing this weight limit will be divided into multiple parcels.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline shipments to individuals based on our liability concerns.

We employ the services of Israel Post, including a delivery notification service, for shipments within Israel. The delivery prices for domestic shipping are automatically computed on the website based on the prevailing Israeli postal rates.

Our commitment is to excel in swiftly delivering hydrophones to our customers, aiming to be an industry leader in this regard. Nevertheless, we disclaim any liability for delays attributable to temporary shop closures, temporary unavailability of standard items, or delays caused by the courier. While we strive to address customer satisfaction and may consider refunds for shipment errors, particularly those resulting from our actions, such decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Our official return policy, as outlined above, remains in effect.

Delays in shipments caused by the courier are resolved through direct communication with the courier. It’s noteworthy that shipment delays are infrequent, and our extensive experience with Eco Postal Service spans several years, ensuring a reliable shipping method. Please be aware that customers, especially those with international shipments, should plan to be available for in-person delivery Monday through Friday. Alternatively, they can authorize another recipient or arrange alternative delivery options with the courier. Natako Audio will not assume liability for delays arising from missed attempts for delivery.


Natako Audio is committed to preparing export shipments with accurate shipping waybills and all necessary customs documents. Despite our diligent efforts, there may be instances where shipments are held in the customs clearance process for unpredictable durations. We cannot guarantee that your package will be delivered within the expected transit time. Import taxes, if applicable, are the responsibility of the buyer and will be collected by the courier upon delivery. The amount of these taxes varies based on the shipment value, method, and destination country. While many international buyers may not incur additional taxes, Natako Audio does not maintain tariff and tax rates for any export country. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inquire about these charges if necessary. Due to the associated costs with export shipments, we strongly recommend reviewing the warranty limitation below as well.

Lost or Delayed Shipments

In addition to the policies outlined above, we do not categorize any shipment as lost before a minimum of two weeks has passed from the last known tracking event, or unless the courier confirms loss or damage. Moreover, customs delays arising from the consignee’s unavailability to accept the import or failure to settle import taxes and fees are not deemed lost.

If customers seek replacements due to delays, they are required to make a new purchase for the replacement. Refunds, if applicable, will be offered in accordance with the terms mentioned earlier or when the delayed shipment is returned to us. If an order is delivered after a replacement has been purchased but still falls within the stipulated terms, shipping costs will not be refunded. While shipping delays and lost shipments are rare, we appreciate your patience in the unlikely event that such circumstances arise.

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