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Welcome to Natako Audio.
We are a recently established, small private company. Our journey began when one of our team members stumbled upon hydrophones, which are waterproof microphones designed for underwater use. Initially, it was merely an aspect of our daily work routine, but over time, it evolved into a genuine passion. This newfound enthusiasm led us to delve into the creation of hydrophones and preamplifiers.

Design preamplifier for low cost hydrophones
Sound of Sparkling Water recorded by low cost hydrophones

Our mission

Currently our world is saturated with visual stimuli, we believe in unlocking the true essence of life by embracing the often overlooked sense of hearing. Our passion lies in providing you with premium audio devices that not only deliver exceptional sound quality but also encourage you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of your surroundings.

Sound of Sparkling Water recorded by low cost hydrophones

So what?

We invite you to elevate your sensory experience through the power of sound, by buying our products. With the purchase of our offerings, we hope to immerse you in one of life’s most significant dimensions – the captivating world of sound.

Record Underwater

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