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Welcome to Natako Audio, we are a recently established, small private company that specializes in making Underwater microphones, Hydrophones and Accessories. 

As buyers ourselves, we bring into the market the core values of consuming efficiency. We designed our products for durability and efficiency with the best materials so you can record the best sounds at a low price.

We believe in a kind of utopia-concept that hearing and recording the beautiful mesmerizing sounds of the underwater world should be available for everyone, regardless of income, country, age, or gender, because it’s part of our fascinating underwater nature that we all were born in. We believe that when we were born, we all got the privilege to experience our beautiful nature to its full extent.

Designing preamplifier for low cost hydrophones
"Perfect transaction, perfect and proactive communication to optimize gain factors, perfect instruction"
"Very informative! Happy that people are still interested in this subject"
"I had a very pleasent expirience. I bought a hydrophone with a preamplifier and it worked perfectly to detect a pool leak"

Hydrophones & Underwater Instrumentation

Currently, our main product line of hydrophones:

  1. AquaHear 1 Hydrophone – Our base model. perfect for casual enthusiasts, very affordable, durable, and records good quality sound.
  2. AquaHear 1.5 Hydrophone – An improved version of the base model. At a bit higher price (still very low) delivers a better sound frequency response with the same good durability.
  3. AquaHear 2 Hydrophone – a microphone for an omnidirectional setup. An affordable hydrophone that supports omnidirectional sounds and lets you hear and experience the water environment to its full extent. It records very good quality audio and is designed for durability and ease of use.

In addition to our main line, we have some accessories that will make your journey through the underwater world with our Hydrophones a more pleasant experience:

  1. RigidEnhancer Hydrophone Preamplifier – Our homemade preamplifier model. A robust and durable design, featuring minimal noise.
  2. Wave 1 Mixer – A 4-channel passive audio mixer. Very compact, portable, and affordable mixer that makes mixing audio channels and adjusting audio volume easy.
Record Underwater

Unique Advantages

As consumers ourselves we are really aware of everything we want in our products. So, we try to make robust, durable, efficient, and high-quality products at the honest price you should buy them without any overpricing.

After months of research, work, and testing we ensured every one of our products was designed to its optimal state. 

Before we put our hydrophones for sale, every one of them undergoes careful human testing that ensures your purchase will serve you well. 

We also understand the value of good customer service, our support team would like to help you anytime with any problem or question, ensuring you will understand everything perfectly so you’ll have a positive experience.

Sound of Sparkling Water recorded by low cost hydrophones

About us

Our journey started when one of our team members started working with hydrophones, which are waterproof microphones that are used to hear underwater sounds. In the beginning it was just a part of our daily work routine, but over time, it developed into a genuine passion. This new enthusiasm led us to take more interest in the production of hydrophones and preamplifiers. After some time, we realized that we could bring a lot of value to our buyers if we started our own production.

From that moment we started researching even more, planning, testing, and constructing, and never looked back.

Sound of Sparkling Water recorded by low cost hydrophones


If you have any questions, you want a more optimized product just for you, or even just want to hear some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

We would like to hear everything you have to say, you can contact us via this contact form or send a message to our email:

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