AquaHear 2 Hydrophone / Micro Contact (waterproof underwater microphone)

An affordable omnidirectional hydrophone designed for durability, delivering a superior underwater sound experience. Additionally, it can function as a contact microphone.

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AquaHear 2 Hydrophone / Micro Contact (waterproof underwater microphone)
Our AquaHear 2 hydrophone is omnidirectional and crafted to deliver exceptional audio performance without breaking the bank. With a durable and shielded construction, it ensures good sensitivity and low noise. It’s compatible with our home model RigidEnhancer 1 preamplifier and other high-impedance preamplifiers. Above all, its straightforward design ensures comfortable and user-friendly operation. It has a lower sensitivity in comparison with AquaHear 1 hydrophone but provides the same signal-to-noise ratio at the same intensity with higher low noise amplification.
Single mono hydrophone.

Typical capacity 5nF – 6nF.

5m cable RG174.

BNC female connector.

Compatible with hydrophone preamplifier RigidEnhancer 1

WATER RESISTANCE: Submersible to a depth of 10 meters in freshwater, saltwater, and both warm and cold conditions, this hydrophone features a shielded piezoelectric component housed within a plastic body and a layer of waterproof resin for complete protection.
IDEAL FOR RECORDING: Capture the aquatic environment, its sounds, and motions with this hydrophone. Perfect for studying cetaceans such as killer whales and dolphins, as well as for sound design purposes.
PRODUCTION QUALITY: Every hydrophone undergoes meticulous handcrafting and rigorous testing prior to shipment, guaranteeing optimal reliability and sound reproduction. The microphone body is 3D printed with an exclusive design to ensure both sound quality and capsule protection.
SOUND QUALITY: Capture an extensive spectrum of sounds spanning from 20Hz to 80kHz. The piezoelectric element remains isolated from interference.

Weight 130 g


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AquaHear 2 Hydrophone / Micro Contact (waterproof underwater microphone)
$ 112.00

Availability: 3 in stock

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