Natako Audio’s General Warranty Statement

Natako Audio provides a one-year warranty from the date of purchase for hydrophones and other products sold under the Natako Audio brand name, safeguarding against electrical failure or defects in workmanship unless otherwise specified or excluded. Warranty claims can be initiated directly through Natako Audio. It is important to note that Natako Audio’s shipping cost liability during any warranty claim is limited to one-half of the item’s value.

Please be aware that the warranty does not cover corroded output plugs, damaged cables, or harm to hydrophones and accessories resulting from a breach of the cable jacket. Additionally, major corrosion caused by factors such as electrolysis, non-neutral PH, or similar issues within the user’s control is not covered. The warranty also excludes degradation of rubber compounds in the hydrophone due to use in substances other than clean water or seawater, or prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Hydrophones, being sensitive instruments, are designed to be as rugged as possible. However, due to their nature, rough handling may result in damage. In cases where signs of abuse are identified in a warranty claim, Natako Audio will present evidence of the abuse to the customer. In such instances, the customer will be required to cover the costs of repair and return shipping. Indications of abuse may include, but are not limited to: cracked or physically broken sensors, abrasion or deformation of the hydrophone, arcing or burns to sensors or preamps, torn or cut cables, and an unusual degree of corrosion to metals or chemical damage to rubbers and plastics. While we encourage experimentation with our hydrophones, regardless of the damage, we do not seek to profit from repairs.

For items under warranty, please contact Natako Audio before returning them to facilitate troubleshooting and prevent unnecessary shipping expenses and delays.

Natako Audio ensures that every product undergoes testing to guarantee the shipment of fully functional units. If you encounter any issues right out of the box, please contact us for technical assistance.

Special Limitations

Components at the board or sensor level, which are not fully assembled into a ready-to-use product, undergo functionality testing and are ensured to operate correctly upon customer delivery. However, due to the diverse nature of customer assembly processes, we are unable to provide a formal warranty period for these products. This exclusion covers amplifiers or signal conditioners sold as “board only,” hydrophones lacking a fixed cable and output plug, and any replacement part or accessory not installed by Natako Audio. In the event of a failure in one of these components, regardless of the cause, Natako Audio will strive to offer discounts on replacements when feasible.

Volume and Replacement Discount

Natako Audio directly sells to end-users globally and currently does not have a wholesale pricing system in place. However, certain professional audio equipment dealers and technical consultants may be eligible for volume discounts. Negotiations for discounts can also be entertained with businesses or utilities utilizing or reselling the Natako Audio brand for specific applications and making bulk purchases. Natako Audio extends significant discounts for replacement items that cannot be covered by a warranty. In instances where the buyer is provided with discounted pricing, it’s important to note that Natako Audio will not cover shipping costs under warranty.


Natako Audio acknowledges the sale date to the end user from the reseller as the commencement of the 1-year warranty period, subject to the following conditions: (1) The reseller or end user provides a receipt for the retail sale. (2) The retail sale occurs within one year of the original shipment from Natako Audio. (3) The resale dealership is authorized by Natako Audio. Warranty claims are to be initiated through the reseller. Natako Audio does not cover incoming shipping costs for warranty claims made through other businesses.

Multiple Failures

Diagnosing certain types of damage to hydrophones, such as those resulting from mechanical shock, excessive static pressure, input voltage, environmental chemistry, and similar factors, can be challenging. It is presumed that if a customer encounters multiple failures of a product, there may be aspects of their application or usage causing damage to our products. Natako Audio reserves the right, and typically exercises it, to reject any warranty claim if the same item has been previously repaired or replaced under warranty.

In scenarios where multiple hydrophones are deployed in the same application, environment, network, or as part of a larger hardware system, Natako Audio confines its warranty liability to 10% of the originally purchased items, with a maximum limit of 10 similar units. For instance, if a customer purchases ten hydrophones and we replace one under warranty, we will consider potential complications in the application environment and may request the user to cover repairs for additional breakages. If a customer acquires 150 hydrophones for a specific application, hardware system, or network, our warranty coverage is limited to the first 10 units only.

OEM Orders

Products manufactured by Natako Audio exclusively for distribution under alternative brands will not come with any additional warranty unless expressly specified in a contractual agreement.

For those contemplating the use of our hydrophones for OEM purposes or as part of a larger system or network, Natako Audio highly advises a comprehensive evaluation of samples for effectiveness and reliability in the proposed application, as the unique conditions outlined above apply.

Prototype and Custom Builds

Natako Audio may periodically offer prototype equipment for sale. Unless explicitly sold “As Is” or otherwise specified or excluded by standard policy, items manufactured and sold by Natako Audio are covered by a one-year warranty, subject to the following conditions: In the event of a warranty claim, Natako Audio retains the discretion to either repair the prototype item, refund a portion of the cost, or apply the portion of the cost of that item to the cost of a similar production item. If a refund is offered, the value of the refund will be pro-rated based on full depreciation throughout the warranty period. For instance, if a prototype hydrophone is sold for $100 with no stated warranty conditions and the product fails three months after the sale (with 9 months remaining on the standard warranty), a warranty claim could result in repairs, a $75 refund to the customer, or a $75 credit towards the purchase of a new hydrophone.

Any buyer-specified custom-made product (excluding simple connector or cable length alterations) will be treated as a prototype and subject to these special conditions. Additionally, any custom-built product, if produced in quantity, is also subject to the conditions outlined under “Multiple Failures” above.

The warranty exclusively covers Natako Audio products. While it is highly improbable that a hydrophone failure could cause damage to connected equipment, Natako Audio confines its warranty responsibility solely to equipment produced by us.

Terms of the sale

Any negotiated terms or conditions established during the sale, as indicated in pre-sale communications or on an official quote or invoice, take precedence over the warranty conditions outlined above.

Accessories sold by Natako Audio but not manufactured by Natako Audio

Natako Audio does not provide any additional warranty coverage for accessories from other brands. Warranty claims should be directed to the product’s manufacturer, and we will make efforts to assist our customers throughout this process.

Out-of-warranty Repairs

We share the sentiment that it’s disheartening when our hydrophones experience issues! As a result, we have a policy of providing discounted rates for repairing out-of-warranty items. Often, we can refurbish a hydrophone for as little as $25.00, in addition to the return shipping costs. In cases where repairs are not feasible or shipping costs render them impractical, we extend replacement discounts. Hydrophones that are deemed beyond repair within one year of sale qualify for a 10% discount off the new retail price. Replacement discounts are applicable only to hydrophone models currently in production. Damaged hydrophones must be returned to us, or we require photographic evidence of the destroyed hydrophone, to be eligible for replacement discounts. These discounts must be redeemed within four months of establishing eligibility. It’s important to note that the terms mentioned above are guidelines and not guaranteed; we retain the right to assess each out-of-warranty repair or replacement case independently.

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